What treatments are available for varicose veins and spider veins In Pomona, CA

How can you find a good clinic for varicose veins and spider veins

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There are many distinctive remedies to be had for varicose veins. those treatments vary based upon the dimensions and placement of the varicose veins, the presence of signs and symptoms, and in instances of accompanying pores and skin modifications (for instance, swelling, dermatitis or ulceration, as an instance). in short, ability Call Varicose veins doctor Pomona, CA

Remedies may include:

leg elevation while sitting or slumbering,

compression dressings with unmarried or multilayered structures,

compression stockings,

sclerotherapy (injection of a liquid or foam into the vein to shape a clot and completely break the vessel),

ablation (destruction) of extraordinary veins with strategies the use of laser, radiofrequency or other modalities

surgical treatment (removal of the varicose veins, along with “phlebectomy” or vein stripping).


In widespread, sclerotherapy and laser remedy are useful in treating spider veins (telangiectasias), whilst ablation and surgical operation can be a better alternative for larger varicose veins. Visit varicose veins surgery Pomona, CA

Is remedy always important?

No, now not if varicose and spider veins are on the whole a beauty hassle. but extreme cases that do not respond to compression remedy, in particular those related to ulcers and dermatitis, usually require in addition treatment.

heaps of human beings every yr don’t forget getting treatment for varicose veins and spider veins. advertisements for treating venous ailment regularly tout “specific,” “permanent,” “painless,” or “surely secure” methods, for this reason making it difficult for individuals make a selection at the quality treatment alternative. if you are unsure approximately the safety or effectiveness of any treatment take a look at with a fitness care professional.

How can compression stockings help with varicose veins?

Compression stockings work absolutely by using squeezing the leg, thereby decreasing the amount of blood and stress inside the veins. there are various brands, patterns, and shades of stockings to be had. The degree of stress implemented around the leg ought to be guided by a fitness care expert. preferably, they have to be fitted when the leg isn’t always swollen, and that they can be made-to-order for every patient. Older or obese people often have problem putting on the stockings, which must be worn while the patient is standing. those stockings typically lose some diploma of the compression over the years so they’ll want to get replaced regularly. Contact vascular surgeon Beverly Pomona, CA

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